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This is great news! Thanks Zondervan!

This is fantastic news! I have so hoped for this day! I am readying my shopping list... top of it is the Zondervan Encyclopedia and the NIVAC. Thanks Zondervan!!! Congrats on the partnership with Logos!!!

Will you guys still be releasing titles with Accordance on the Mac? I realized Logos exists on the Mac, but no sense in doubling up on software that does similar things.

Wow - fantastic news!! Well done.

Awesome partnership. As a Logos user, I just want to say thanks!!!

Thank you Zondervan! It is so much more convenient for customers to have one Bible library rather than switching back and forth between two libraries. I eagerly anticipate the incorporation of your many excellent titles in my chosen software format. I have already preordered on the Logos prepublications page.

Absolutely marvelous, long hoped-for news! Kudos to Zondervan! I look forward to the maiden release of those scholarly reference books in Logos' Libronix format with much anticipation! I am pre-ordering with Logos' pre-pub option. Thank you, Zondervan!!

It's a shame that since Accordance has a partnership with Zondervan going back more than a decade, they weren't included in the press release in the list of electronic platforms Zondervan titles are carried on. Granted, Pradis was a Windows program and Accordance is Mac-only, but the press release also mentioned the Kindle and Sony e-readers as well as the iPhone and Blackberry.

While Logos users wait until next year for these resources, a large number of Zondervan titles are already available for Accordance, including some I don't see mentioned here.

Anyone with access to a Mac can get these Zondervan resources for the Mac with no waiting:

A General Introduction to the Bible (Ewert)
All the Men of the Bible (Lockyer)
All the Women of the Bible (Lockyer)
Analytical Lexicon to the Greek New Testament (Mounce)
Asbury Bible Commentary
Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar: Second Edition (Mounce)
Dictionary of Cults, Sects, Religions, and the Occult
Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties (Archer)
Exhaustive Analysis of the Greek New Testament
Exhaustive Analysis of the Hebrew Bible
Expositor’s Bible Commentary
Fruit of the Spirit Bible Studies
Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics: An Exegetical Syntax of the New Testament (Wallace)
Hebrew Vocabulary of the Old Testament
Introduction to the New Testament (Carson & Moo)
Introduction to the Old Testament (Dillard & Longman)
Is There a Meaning in This Text? (Vanhoozer)
Morphology of Biblical Greek (Mounce)
New International Dictionary of Biblical Archaeology
New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology
New International Dictionary of Old Testament Theology and Exegesis
New International Dictionary of the Christian Church
New International Encyclopedia of Bible Words
New Linguistic and Exegetical Key to the Greek New Testament
New NIV Study Bible
New Testament Greek Morpheme Lexicon (Greenlee)
NIV Compact Dictionary
NIV Exhaustive e-Concordance
NIV Nave's
NIV Place Names Dictionary
NIV Student Bible
Streams in the Desert (Cowman)
The Discipleship Series
The New International Dictionary of the Bible
The NIV Thematic Reference Bible
Understanding the Bible (Stott)
Zondervan NIV Bible Commentary
Zondervan Pictorial Encyclopedia of the Bible
Zondervan Quick Reference Series

By my count, that's 39 titles, and I didn't include in the above list older works, Bibles, and original language texts that are included in some of the Zondervan packages available for Accordance.

Finally, there was an official response from Oak Tree Software today on their blog in a post titled "Zondervan Partners with Accordance...in 1999!

Thank you! I've been asking for this for years and years. I am so grateful that Zondervan has decided to make this software change.

Thanks for the feedback and excitement, everyone.

As the Accordance blog post mentions, Zondervan and Accordance have a great relationship. And we certainly plan for more titles. Hopefully we will be able to announce new products soon!

Thank you!

Thank you Zondervan!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is just what I have been wanting as a future chaplain. Now my deployment library will be complete. Thank you Zondervan for making this bold move forward to broaden the family of resources on a fantastic platform. I hope the future holds an even broader array of Zondervan products. Perhaps publishing "straight to Logos"?

ThanX!! very much for partnering with LOGOS! I am gleefully anticipating using great content electronically.

Absolutely brilliant! Wonderful news. Thanks.

This is an outstanding range of books and I'm delighted that you are releasing them in this way. As a long time Accordance user, I have purchased nearly all of Zondervan's material - it is invaluable for my study. Please can I suggest that the NIV Application Commentaries be released for Accordance. They are my all-time favourite commentaries and would be an amazing resource for my Accordance Library - Thank you.


I sure hope their is a super discount to put them in Logos! No fun buying the books twice!

Good news. Thank you Zondervan!

Does Zondervan plan to release William Mounce's The Morphology of Biblical Greek or his Analytical Lexicon to the Greek New Testament? If so, when might that be?

These are extraordinarily useful references and would be great on Logos.

We don’t have anything to report on these specific titles, but we're noting your suggestion. Thanks for your input David!

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