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For what it's worth I'd point out there are much more mainstream approaches to Preterism.
Some do indeed take it "all the way" as it were.
However many (R.T. France for example) apply it mostly to whether the Olivet discourse and parts of Revelation are in fact about the fall of Jerusalem and Roman persecution, while leaving room for a final eschaton.

Ezekiel said that this condition existed in Israel so God was going to do away with pastors altogether, except for one: "David". Jesus claimed that he was that one "good shepherd." So, all of the people who claim to be christian pastors are imposters.

I am sure that you included prayer and advice from wise ones. For many Christians, contending for the faith is like a nuclear attack instead of a sniper's bullett or taking an axe to cancer instead of a scapel's cut. Your approach was more like the latter and lessens the collateral damage.

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