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In England and Australia, "Lads" would be a great way to translate this.

I know when I was preaching through John for two years and got to this passage I translated it as, "Hey boys...any chance you've caught any fish?" I found most of the translations to seem to miss the point (in my estimation). I somewhat based the language off of the occasional teasing comments fishermen are known to make to one another when encountering someone out fishing. It just seemed fitting to me as something I've said and heard others say (or something quite comparable). Its a way of getting their attention and also getting in a little friendly sportsman jab.

Was wondering about that word and that scenario when I taught that in Sunday School a couple weeks ago.

Was thinking it might be more like "Hey Kids!"

And was thinking that the disciples may have thought it was the tax collector- come for his "shore lunch". And that they only threw the net out again to mock him back.

But only when they caught the lunch (and many dinners) did they realize that they were not being mocked. And that the tax collector was Jesus.

I really enjoy the Monday posts. Is it possible to include an English phonetic version of the Greek as well, so those of us not versed in Greek can take a stab at pronouncing it?

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