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Have not used this before.

I've used "What the Bible is all about" by Henrietta Mears and I thought it was really simple and helpful.

I have not used it yet (though I just recently bought its OT counterpart by John Walton).

No, not any survey.

I haven't read through this text, but I've skimmed through my pastor's copy of Mark Dever's "The Message of the New Testament: Promises Kept", which I understand is structured somewhat similarly.

I have never used this volume before. Interested to see how he's laid it out.

I have not used Gundry's NT Survey before

I have also posted this on my twitter (@jsweeney27), my blog (jacobsweeney.com) and facebook (facebook.com/jsweeney27)

I have not used a survey before.....

I have not. (But winning a copy would change that!)

I have not used Gundry's NT Survey before.

Used the 4th edition to teach at Christian college

Yes, sure have! I have enjoyed using the third edition.

I have never used it before. Sounds nice.

I have never used the book, but would like to

Tweeted it

I have never used it before.


no - i haven't used this survey by Gundry. I've used the intro by Carson and Moo though.

I used the older version in college (2005) and loved it!

I have not used it before but I am currently looking for a good resource for conducting a NT survey class at my church.

I've not used it extensively, but I have referred to it a number of times in research and writing. I believe I consulted the fourth edition.

I haven't used any edition of it.

I also tweeted the giveaway

I have no used this NT Survey before but would love to!

I LIKE-ed the giveaway AND posted a comment about it.

Whatever Phil Long uses, I use.

No I have not used this survey before, though I would like to

I shared on Facebook

I have not used it but will if I win!

I have not used this book before. For a New Testament Survey class, we used "The New Testament in Antiquity"

Have not used before.

Nope; haven't used Gundry's before. Eager to check it out. We had a small survey text in school back in 1997, but I can't remember what that one was.

Oh, and I shared a link to the giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

I have the first edition copyright 1970 when I used it in Bible College. I would welcome an update of this text!

I used the 4th edition while compiling a bibliography of significant NT Surveys and Introductions for a seminar. I've also used it when I'm looking for a succinct discussion on some topic of NT.

I have not used "A Survey of the New Testament" before but I hope to because I may be teaching a New Testament survey class next year.

I have not used this before.

I have used this survey but forget the edition. It's been awhile.
Thanks Royal

I have not used Gundry's survey before and I would like to get it at some point.

I haven't used this survey before...but I'd like to try!

I've not used this one specifically.

I've referenced the 4ed on several occasions. I would love to win this new edition!

Not Gundry, but love Walton & Hill (OT counterpart)

I have not! But I am delighted to hear of it.

I scored the last edition at a used book store for 4 bucks, but I havent read it yet.

I used the purple edition in 1996 when I was an undergrad at Biola. Love to have the new one!

I have never used this survey in any of its editions.

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