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the 'restrainer' is the holy spirit- who alone restrains wickedness from utter victory.

and i have shared on the twitter and the facebook.

I tweeted the giveaway

I hesitate to answer, until I have read this latest commentary!

The Holy Spirit working through the church.

I see the restrainer as a personification of forces that hold back the sway of evil, maybe laws and governments, or even some sense of these as upheld and made possible by God's intervention.

The Spirit is the restrainer.

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The Holy Spirit

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I frankly confess that the meaning of this completely escapes me.

What Larry said: the Holy Spirit indwelling and working through the church.

...and I also Tweeted, doubling the irony when I lose yet again.


The Holy Spirit

... doing a great job!

It might be the Gospel the the Spirit proclaims through the church

Most commentators agree that it is the Holy Spirit, although there is a lot of debate!

I facebooked it as well.

I've always understood the restrainer to be the Holy Spirit, but I've never really dug into it on my own.

I posted this to Facebook and Twitter.

The Holy Spirit is the restrainer

The Holy Spirit



The archangel Michael spoken of in Dan. 12:1

And I've posted on twitter.

The Archangel Michael based on Jewish
Apocalyptic Literature.

The Holy Spirit.

There are many options, but I would opt for the restrainer being an evil person or force that is working to purposely reveal the man of lawlessness at the correct time.

The Holy Spirit is the restrainer.

In terms of the original setting, it's the Roman Empire.

I tweeted the giveaway.

The Holy Spirit

The restrainer is the image of God.

Not sure.

The restrainer is the Holy Spirit.

I also linked on twitter.

One cannot be absolutely sure. Paul seems to assume that the Thessalonian readers already know who he is writing about, and does not therefore elaborate.

Christ is the restrainer (cf. Matt. 12:28-29; Rev. 20:1-4).

I also shared on twitter (@TimothyGHarris): http://bit.ly/12AjkEl

The Holy Spirit

While not having studied this question thoroughly, I would say it is probably the Holy Spirit. Although, could this be Michael's work? Especially when you consider his role in Daniel with the Prince of Persia, Jude 9, and the book of Revelation...

The Spirit

The Holy Spirit

I also retweeted this...

The Holy Spirit working through the saints.

Two options. 1) An angel. 2) I don't know.

The Holy Spirit

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