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One of my professors said it is not good enough to have learned Greek some time in the past. One should stay learned in Greek. Sadly my Greek got badly rusted, but my study on the causes for the differences between older versions of the Bible using the Textus Receptus as source-text, versus modern versions using the Nestle-Aland or the UBS-Text as source-text helped me to polish it a bit.
"Devotions on the Greek New Testament" seems to be another good help!
God bless

My copy just arrived yesterday and I have eagerly looked ahead to a couple of entries for the next year. It has already found it's place in my "frequent access" shelf on my desk. I love the way it takes a text or construction and provides a great little exegetical insight to demonstrate the significance for the believer's life.

I still think that the best daily volume for keeping my Greek and Hebrew fresh is Bitzer's "Light On the Path" (which is now out of print unfortunately), but I think this should be on everyone's desk who wants to keep their Greek fresh.

Noel Muscutt
Pastor, Newcastle Fellowship Baptist Church

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