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The most challenging book of the New Testament in Greek for me is Ephesians in some of his parts, that are more complex than other Paul Epistle

Revelation was the most challenging for me!

I also posted a notice about your giveaway at my blog: http://biblereadersmuseum.blogspot.com/2013/01/niv-greek-and-english-new-testament.html

I've never managed an entire book, but I'm working on it!

I've still not read the whole Greek New Testament (someday!)... but I've found Matthew to be particularly difficult. Not sure if it really is more difficult, or I'm just intimidated by the length....

Hebrews can be very challenging

Second Peter!

at this point in my learning (1.5 semesters), they're all challenging!


Please enter me in the draw. Though as a neophyte Greek reader I find them all challenging at one level or another, Ephesians has been slow going. Thanks.

I tweeted this post

1+2 Timothy, a lot of unfamiliar vocabulary.

2 Corinthians

Tweeted this post.

2 Peter or Revelation

I tweeted the giveaway

I think they are all challenging!

Luke-Acts has been the most challenging for me. Complex grammar and very sophisticated vocabulary.


I think 2 Corinthians has been most challenging for me.


Unfortunately my Greek is not up to that level.


I have found Romans to be the most challenging.



Since I am a student of Greek, all books are difficult. However, Luke seems to be the most difficult due to the fact that he seems to have a more educated Greek than the other NT authors.

I posted this to my twitter account: https://twitter.com/drdougle


Have re-tweeted

next semester I am taking a Greek class.

I spent a lot of time on Romans. That was most challenging for me.


2nd Peter and Hebrews


Sent this out via Twitter.

James; too many unique words for my rusty vocab.

Definitely Hebrews.

I shared a link on Facebook also.

I am challenged by Revelation.

Thus far, Revelation has provided as much insight as difficulty...

Haven't started my Greek studies yet so it's all Greek to me.

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this would be great to my library the language jesus spoke

2 Peter

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