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I tell students, we study systematic theology in order to understand where other Christians are coming from, in order to pigeonhole and stereotype them. I tell them we study historical theology to learn where our own crazy ideas come from.

Tongue in cheek, of course.

Great post and video. To answer the question ("add to Bird's justifications in the comment section"), my link should go to a post I recently wrote on the importance of studying theology.

Theology is the study of God and His Word/ways. What could be more exciting or important?!

Yes the entire edifice/fortress of Christian theology is a jumble of crazy ideas.

In Reality we are all involved and entangled in a vast beginningless and endless world of nonsense, and presumed meanings. Which is to say that it is all nonsense and that there are no explanations except laughter.
If you substitute Ralph for Jesus and the usual cultic God ideas you could just as easily have the Way of Ralph explained like this:

It is just a Ralph. All of this is Ralph, and that is it. It is just a Ralphing. You are being Ralphed. You are Ralph. You do Ralph. You believe in Ralph. You hate and resist Ralph. You are troubled by Ralph. You fear Ralph. You are going to die from Ralph sooner or later. You breathe Ralph. You think Ralph. You are in charge of Ralph. Ralph is in charge of you.

Real life, True Existence, all comes down to a non-conceptual intrinsically wordless Reality. You have no ultimate explanation for It and no way to differentiate yourself from It or get control of it, which is THE purpose of all of your "theology".
You just must give yourself up unreservably to the "Ralph", the unknown and unknowable, That which is beyond yourself.
Such is of course the nature of True Faith.

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