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I'd take up the team of the Munster Radicals for two reasons. First of all, my personal church tradition is in the Anabaptist stream (I'm a Mennonite). It would seem like treason almost to choose another team... although, you know, Anabaptists probably wouldn't worry about "teams" in the first place. ;-)

Secondly, the Anabaptists are the underdogs... we've been around for as long as the Geneva Sovereigns and the Wittenburg Whistleblowers and yet we're only now getting the attention in the large view... come from behind win anyone?

Okay, Okay... again, probably not a "good" Anabaptist view.

But there you have it... :-)

I tweeted this give away @tristaanogre and I shared it on my Facebook page as well... Theology Nerds need trading cards, too...

I would choose the Avignon Crusaders. I feel that the Medieval Catholic Church is unfairly vilified.

Probably the Knights because I've gone to schools that they routinely draft from.

The Canterbury Monarchs for me -- Erastianism is about to be put to the test, and I am certain that Anglicanism can survive without it.

I've got to go with the Canterbury Monarchs. As an Anglican I have a special affinity for the Englanders!

I posted this link on Facebook.

St. James Padres. I am fascinated with the early church.

Orthodoxy dodgers. Because I like the real dodgers and looking over the list of people in that group I like them better

Geneva Sovereigns. Love their Biblical example during the Reformation.

I'd realistically be the Munster Radicals, but some would probably want to put me in Orthodoxy Dodgers, too. Actually playing the game I might be tempted to play as them just to be more fun.

I would be on the St. James Padres, since I enjoy the study and practice of early Judaisms, specifically how the Apostles practiced following the advent of the Messiah.

I tweeted this give away @aaron_sperry. AWESOME idea

Probably the Geneva Sovereigns since I am a part of the Reformed tradition.

I'd play for the Canterbury Monarchs. No doubt. primarily because it was the English Reformers who first stoked my interest in Church History.

I shared this to Twitter (@seanchadley).

I would like to spend time with the St. James Padres, especially if Irenaeus and Justin Martyr are on the roster.

I would say the Dodgers. I spent over 33 years in a major cult, that did finally repent.

Probably the St. James Padres for me. I would love to converse with the Apostolic Fathers.

I'm also posting this ti Facebook.

Serampore Preachers (Missionaries) because I have always had an interest in the lives and ministries of Christian missionaries

I think I would be on the St James Padres, I am fascinated with the early patristics for how they dealt with the varying issues that occured

Well, I would have started out on the Munster Radicals...the church I grew up in was such a church. But I would then ask to be traded to the Geneva Sovereigns. :-)

I would go with group 15 (Athens Metaphysicians) because I love to read the works of the philosophers.

I shared this on my facebook page too!

Go Padres!

I'd play on the Orthodoxy Dodgers because it seemed like the most fun name, plus, since I've belonged to so many different denominations, I can dodge the orthodoxy of all of 'em ;)

Definitely Wittenberg Whistle-Blowers. Love the name & studying the reformation.

Hmmm, I like Canterbury Monarchs!

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